Pando challenges Estes to televised forum

Vincent Marshall

In an invitation sent to all election candidates, Smoky Hills Public Broadcast Service has invited candidates to a televised candidate forum.

On Monday, Kansas Senate District 38 Democratic candidate Edgar Pando accepted the invitation and called for incumbent District 38 Republican Sen. Bud Estes to do the same.

“With only a few weeks until the election, the voters deserve the opportunity to see the candidates side by side so they can decide for themselves who has the better vision and competency to represent Southwest Kansas for the next four years," Pando said. "My opponent has not participated in a forum since July and has been absent from numerous public events since that event.

"This is a great opportunity for us to safely reach voters and talk about our platforms.”

The Dodge City Daily Globe along with other Gannett properties have attempted to send election questionnaires to Estes within the past two weeks with no response.

On Monday, The Globe attempted to reach Estes regarding the forum and the questionnaires but hasn’t received a response.

Smoky Hills PBS stated the forum will take place live from the locations of all candidates, who will respond to previously prepared questions.

At this time, there is not a scheduled date for the broadcast.

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