Omicron J Trauma bringing new sound to Dodge City

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe
Nash Griggs of Omicron J Trauma plays in the bandshell at Wright Park.

The retro-pop/rock band Omicron J Trauma has plans for its style of music in southwest Kansas and has made Dodge City its new home.

Coming from the music scene in Dallas, Texas, the group recently introduced itself when it played an impromptu show at the bandshell in Wright Park in late September.

Omicron J Trauma, consisting of Brandon Brown, Nash Griggs and Nathan Adamson, previously played under its own label, Four Reelz Record, where it also produced other bands in its own studio in Dallas for eight years before shutting it down on Feb. 25.

“We didn’t find Brandon, though, until he came to the studio with his high school band in 2014, but he didn’t come back with the batch of songs that become Omicron J Trauma until 2016,” Griggs said.

Adamson, a Kansas native who spent his childhood in Jetmore and Holstead, said they considered relocating to Kansas before Omicron J Trauma shut down its studio, and ultimately did after deciding that Texas no longer fit their needs.

“I love this part of the country, it’s kind of out of the way, we still have all the resources that we could have in a big city. If you don’t have it here, they’ll have it in Wichita,” Adamson said. “There’s musicians and bands everywhere and people like music everywhere.”

The band felt that there were also more venue options and availability in Kansas because of all the small communities in which it can play its “high energy” brand of sound.

The group’s members feel there has been an absence of rock bands in Kansas due to a misconception that people here favor country over rock.

While they are currently operating a makeshift studio with their equipment in an apartment in Dodge City, Adamson said, they are looking for new building space for a new studio.

Even since their “test run” at Wright Park, Omicron J Trauma has been working on making connections in Dodge City, which they said has been easier than in Dallas. The group said Dodge City has been a more welcoming community.

Brown said the band members have been learning Spanish because of their fascination with the cultural dynamic in Dodge City and wanting to connect with more people.

Adamson said that when Omicron J Trauma puts out its next EP, the focus will be local rather than spiraling out because the group wants to promote its music better and hope it leads to them playing more shows.

“I feel that this is a great place to do that because it’s kind of a centrally located remote place, kind of unique in that way where there’s still a lot of things right near here,” Adamson said.

Omicron J Trauma is being described as a template for other projects with its label, using its experience from years playing in Dallas and helping it apply to other musicians, while simultaneously taking what the group can learn from its new home and applying it.

The band even aims to bring talent it is familiar with from Texas to Kansas.

Omicron J Trauma’s first EP, “You Should Have Thought About That,” can be heard on its SoundCloud and YouTube channels and the group expects to have its second EP out early next year.

Brandon Brown of Omicron J Trauma plays in the bandshell at Wright Park.