Bud Estes remains District 38 Senator

Vincent Marshall

Incumbent Republican Bud Estes will remain the Kansas Senate District 38 Senator.

Unofficial voting results from Ford, Clark, Gray, Meade, Hodgeman and Seward counties put Estes well ahead of opponent Democratic challenger attorney Edgar Pando Tuesday night.

Unofficial results of the counties showed Estes with 12,529 votes to Pando's 5,730.

Estes did not respond for comment on the victory.

The breakdown of the county results were:

Ford County, Estes 5,603; Pando 3,056.

Clark County, Estes 389; Pando 96.

Meade County, Estes 1,521; Pando 244.

Seward County, Estes 3,059; Pando 1,897.

Hodgeman County, Estes 174; Pando 28

Gray County, Estes 1,783; Pando 409.

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