B&B Theatres continues to operate

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe
B&B Theatres, located in Dodge City's Village Square Mall, continues to operate after reopening in September.

Since reopening on Sept. 11, B&B Theatres has continued to keep up with its anti-COVID-19 protection measures and policies.

“We are aggressively committed to maintaining an atmosphere in each of our theatre locations that is safe, accommodating, and comfortable,” said Paul Farnsworth, director of public relations for B&B Theatres. “This is achieved through a combined effort which includes masks, social distancing, heightened cleaning protocols, half-capacity maximum seating, additional space between showtimes, seat sanitizing after each showtime, and much more.”

When asked if they have any plans to reinforce health security measures for the impending flu season, Farnsworth said B&B Theatres doesn’t anticipate its existing processes unless advised by experts and leaders.

“Our CinemaSafe is embraced by over 400 exhibitors nationwide and endorsed by doctors and epidemiologists,” Farnsworth said.

He said that due to B&B Theatres “unified approach” toward safety and health, its theaters are as safe as churches, supermarkets, schools and restaurants.

Farnsworth said that since opening, B&B Theatres has only had one confirmed coronavirus case at its Johnnie’s Jazz Bar and Grille, located within its Liberty, Mo., location.He said that case was isolated and that no other guests or employees were exposed due to B&B Theatres’ safety protocols.

While B&B Theatres does not anticipate closures again, several locations are currently operating on reduced hours to lower overhead and payroll costs while still giving area moviegoers plenty of options to enjoy the big-screen experience.

Despite revenue being down for the 2020 year by 85%, according to Farnsworth, things are on the upswing in many markets thanks in part to private event rentals, gift card purchases and the current viewing slate, combining retro and classic films with new releases.

Farnsworth said the only two things that would facilitate B&B Theatre closures again are:

• Continued delay of new content distribution. While this would not necessarily signal a shutdown, further delays in the release schedule from Hollywood could create challenges.

• Congressional relief. While B&B Theatres was able to benefit somewhat from the Main Street loan program, Farnsworth said the terms were unfavorable and no other major relief options were available to the company based on its size and status.

B&B Theatres safety policies and protocols can be found online at www.bbtheatres.com and at www.cinemasafe.org.