Stauth exhibit featuring prairie towns of Kansas

Vincent Marshall
Photos by artist Bob Regier, of North Newton, are on display at Stauth Memorial Museum now through Nov. 28.

MONTEZUMA — For a limited time, visitors can enjoy the new photographic exhibit of Bob Regier at Stauth Memorial Museum.

The exhibit, “Considering the Commonplace: Prairie Towns Through the Lens of Bob Regier,” is organized around eight themes, according to museum director Kim Legleiter.

Elegance, entrances, light and shadow, locomotion, sacred space, sentinels, signs and lines, windows and walls are featured in digital photographs by Regier, a Bethel College professor emeritus of art and Kauffman Museum senior design consultant.

The exhibit is only on display through Saturday, Nov. 28.

According to Legleiter, Regier, of North Newton, traveled the main streets and backroads of Kansas with his wife, Vernette, and friends Keith and Aldine Sprunger for 20 years.

"Regier’s photographs focus primarily on the built environment of the central Great Plains, particularly the common places of small Kansas towns, and reveal his training in modernist aesthetics and printmaking through his use of abstraction and color fields," Legleiter said in a news release. "In this installation the artist and exhibit designer experiment with photo production techniques to creatively play with size and format of the digital prints and thereby move beyond the limits of conventional framed photography shows."

In the exhibit there will be a large-scale banner alongside 66 photographs.

Regier earned a master of fine arts degree in painting and printmaking from the University of Illinois and studied at the School of the Chicago Art Institute.

He has been part of the Kauffman Museum exhibit team, winning numerous awards for exhibit and graphic design since 1985.

After teaching art for 32 years, he retired from Bethel College in North Newton.

Regier also has actively pursued graphic design and photography with his primary interest in printmaking, with an emphasis on monotypes.

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Artist Bob Regier was an art professor at Bethel College, where he taught for 32 years. His work is currently on display at the Stauth Memorial Museum.