Identity theft-related fraud

Bill Carr
Ford County Sheriff

Citizens, we have seen a recent spike in Ford County and Kansas in reports of fraudulent unemployment claims.

In an effort to stop the fraudulent claims, the Kansas Department of Labor plans on adding new layers of protections for Kansans.

The department is asking claimants to be vigilant and make reports to:

Once a suspected identity theft claim is reported on the site, the system will generate a police report number and provide tips for victims in mitigating damages.

Fraudulent claims are being filed using names and personal identifying information of individuals who have lost their jobs. Employees are often unaware a claim has been made on their behalf until they receive a notice in the mail from the Kansas Department of Labor.

The letter will look something to the effect of “Notice of Determination”. Another means of notice is the employer receives a notice to verify the employee’s status of employment.

In reviewing these claims, it shows scammers are getting information through email phishing, credit card data breaches or cybersecurity attacks.

We encourage citizens to pay attention to suspicious letters, emails and phone calls.

If you feel you are a victim of unemployment fraud please contact the Kansas Department of Labor immediately.