Knights of Columbus building has been sold, so many will return to voting at Dodge City Civic Center

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

For the 2021 elections, voting will be returning to the Dodge City Civic Center for several precincts and townships.

The change comes as the Knights of Columbus building, which had been home to a few voting cycles, has been sold, according to Ford County Clerk Debbie Cox.

The precincts and townships that will be assigned to voting at the Civic Center will be Precincts 4 through 10, the Townships are Dodge Township H115, Dodge Township H119, Dodge Township W H119, Grandview Township H115, Grandview Township East H119 and Royal Township.

"The election office is in the process of getting letters ready to be mailed out in the next few weeks to those people that this will effect," Cox said. "Notice of Dispositions are being sent out to those people showing the new location as well.

"The Hoover Pavilion will still be used for voting for the precincts assigned to that location. There will be no change to the Hoover voting location."

Ford County will still offer in-office advance voting and applications to receive ballots by mail as in previous elections.

For more information about the voting locations, contact the election office at 620-227-4551.

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