Grant funding made to Boot Hill Antiques, I Don't Care restaurant

Vincent Marshall
Dodge City Daily Globe

Dodge City commissioners approved vehicle purchases for the Dodge City Police Department and Dodge City Fire Department on Monday.

According to director of administration Ryan Reid, the Dodge City Police Department sought approval for the purchase of up to three police SUVs.

Bids for those purchases were posted on Feb. 2, with Lopp Motors and John Jones submitting bids.

It was Reid's recommendation the purchase be made from Lopp Motors for $123,651 as it was the low bid.

"We did this similar thing at the end of last year and the Lopp was the low bid, the only bid, on that one," Reid said. "We had two vehicles budgeted last year and four this year and the decision was made to buy three last year and three this year because of supply problems, so this would bring us up to the six total."

Reid added the vehicles being replaced would be put up for sale.

The three SUV purchases were approved with a 5-0 vote.

The Dodge City Fire Department also sought a single Quick Attack Brush Truck. According to Reid, bids were placed on Feb. 1 and the city received two bids, one from Hays Fire for $149,719.67 and the other from Weis Fire for $177,085. Reid recommended going with the low bid from Hays Fire.

"This truck is to be used to fight fires in areas where larger trucks cannot function," Reid said.

The existing brush truck is older but will be kept to have increased response and ability to combat brush and grass fires.

According to Dodge City Fire Chief Ken Spencer, one of the specifications of the new truck will be a thermal imaging camera.

"In that was to me a big safety issue," Spencer said. "When we're out in these grass fires we tend to get zero visibility and with the thermal imaging the driver can actually see through the smoke and see other trucks and see other personnel."

Commissioners approved the fire truck purchase with a 5-0 vote.

Boot Hill Antiques and I Don't Care Family Restaurant and Sports Bar both received approval for a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $14,704 for antiques and $30,000 for I Don't Care.

According to Dodge City/Ford County Economic Development executive director Joan Knight, the grants were part of programs to assist local businesses hit by COVID-19.

"We received $132,000 from the state of Kansas to provide businesses that met the qualifications for this grant," said Knight.

In total, the city has awarded $68,971.72 in CDBG funding and had $63,028.28 left over to issue the $44,704 grants to Boot Hill Antiques and I Don't Care restaurant.

Knight said the grants do meet the qualifications set by Great Plains Development and the city's CDBG review committee of Knight, Nannette Pogue and Gary Johnson.

The grant funding was approved 5-0.

Commissioners also approved the rezoning for commercial highway zoning for for 800, 802, 804 and 806 Beeson Court of vacant residential zoned properties.

The rezoning of the property would be for the development of self-storage units, according to planning and zoning administrator Nathan Littrell.

"The original plan for this area was for housing but its kind of slowed down so they want to find a different use for the property," Littrell said. "There are adjacent properties to the south and east of this, there's a body shop to the east that really would make a good buffer between the residential areas we have there and the body shop."

According to Littrell, adjacent property owners were notified of the project plans and there were no objections from them.

The rezoning was approved with a 5-0 vote.

Commissioners also unanimously approved the proposal from Luminous Neon for the new Dodge City Raceway Park signage for $30,255 and an optional add-on LED sign for $68,869.

The add-on would pend insurance that would need approval at a later date if the commission chooses the purchase at that time.

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