City approves housing developments, infrastructure

Vincent Marshall

Dodge City Commissioners approved a Rural Housing Incentive District ordinance for housing development with Volz Builders LLC, which will provide 39 single-family residences with a market value of no less than $180,000.

The housing development, Candletree No. 6, is located near the southwest corner of the subdivision at the Gary Avenue and Vail Street intersection in Dodge City.

"Back in April we had the public hearing and you approved this development plan," housing district coordinator Mollea Wainscott said. "We have built over 400 units with the RHID. We update the housing assessment every three years. The last one we had showed a huge need in housing."

Every three years, the housing assessment will be done with the next one coming in 2021 where the housing needs will be addressed for the city. The RHID will be looked at when the need for housing is no longer needed.

"The housing assessment breaks it down by income level and owner-occupied and rentals," Wainscott said. "The last (assessment) showed a need in all categories."

According to Wainscott, all RHID's used to date have been projected to be paid off ahead of time.

The Candletree No. 6 ordinance passed 5-0.

Commissioners also approved a resolution adjusting the city limit boundaries that are needed for new lands that have been annexed into the city.

The new boundaries are the Casa Del Rio subdivision on 14th Avenue, 30 feet north of the Iron Road right-of-way from 6th Avenue to Avenue A and the Barbara Lane extension right-of-way from the Wagon Wheel No. 2 subdivision to Frontview Street.

The boundary adjustment was approved 5-0.

An infrastructure proposal from Klotz Sand Co., Inc. for the Candletree No. 6 subdivision was approved for $1,249,233.33.

According to city officials, the developer of the housing project will develop plans for water, sewer and streets to service for the housing development. The development is part of the RHID.

"This is the same contractor that did the infrastructure work on Wagon Wheel No. 3, which we are currently wrapping up," city director of engineering Ray Slattery said. "We will be able to move over to Candletree No. 6 here within the month."

According to Slattery, the estimate for the project was $1,369,402, which is below the engineers estimate.

The infrastructure quote was approved 5-0.

Commissioners approved grant applications from Cisco Plumbing LLC for $30,000 and Panderia Arcoiris LLC for $8,971.72 and Tiangus Carniceria for $30,000 with Community Development Block Grants.

According to city officials, the city awarded CDBG loan funds in the amount of $400,000.

Due to a depletion of revolving loan funds, the city was awarded CDBG-CV funds to qualifying businesses.

The grant program is a way to assist local businesses with local, state and federal assistance programs affected by COVID-19.

"Why aren't more restaurants coming to us," Commissioner Rick Sowers said. "That's an industry you hear about all the time and see."

According to Dodge City/Ford County Economic Development Corporation director Joann Knight, there have been restaurants that have gone through the processes.

"If you recall we've gone through $400,000 with the city, $300,000 with (Ford) County in revolving loan funds," Knight said. "We also coordinated nine different loan fund programs with the Kansas Department of Commerce.

"We had funds from National Beef, county SPARKS funding and this funding here, so there has been a variety of restaurants that have applied."

The grants were approved with a 5-0 vote.

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