Molstad running for Kansas 'Big First'

Judd Weil
Dodge City Daily Globe
Jerry Molstad, of Lacrosse, is running for the U.S. 1st Congressional District of Kansas on the Republican ticket.

Jerry Molstad, from Lacrosse, is running as a Republican representative for Kansas’ 1st Congressional District, the seat that is to be vacated by Roger Marshall later this year.

Molstad is a lifelong resident of Kansas, having lived in seven communities, including Dodge City, from 1983 until 1996.

Molstad previously ran for this congressional seat in 1992 as a Democrat, with the same moderate conservative values that he holds today, believing that the United States taxpayers are priority.

He practiced medicine as a physician assistant in Kansas for 38 years, working in emergency, family medicine and orthopedics in more than 17 Kansas rural communities, including Spearville, Jetmore, Ashland, Greensburg and Kinsley, during his professional career.

Molstad recently retired as a colonel after more than 34 years in the Air Force Reserve and Army National Guard, with duty stations at McConnell AFB in Wichita and Peterson AFB/Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

He served a nine-month combat tour in western Iraq while with the Missouri Army National Guard, as the brigade surgeon for the 35th CAB, part of a total of four tours of duty, of which two were combat tours.

Molstad has been an EMT since 1977, a Fire Fighter 1 since 1989 and volunteered with the Ford County EMS and Fire. He still actively serves with Rush County EMS and Lacrosse City Fire.

“My desire to run for U.S. Congress in the 1st District of Kansas is to continue to provide care for the residents in our district at a greater level,” Molstad said. “I do have significant real-life experiences throughout our area and across the globe.

“I can say that I literally worked in every county as a medical provider or sales representative. I still have friends and family across our district, and I won’t be a stranger when returning to my previous homes and surrounding areas.”

Molstad describes his platform as simple yet significant for rural Kansas and rural America, believing that there is difficulty raising funds for rebuilding old school buildings, Critical Care Access hospitals, small city and county infrastructures.

He further expressed that there are difficulties attracting and retaining schoolteachers, police and first responders and that rural communities need federal funding assistance and significant tax credits for these issues.

He proposed that local tax dollars be stretched without increasing taxes.

He supports the National Guard and Reserves, by implementing a moderate tax reduction.

“As a medical provider, I think we as a nation need more resources for mental health care and drug addiction treatment programs that are currently difficult to access and lack long term solutions,” said Molstad, regarding his stance on the matter. “People need help now instead of life or death consequences or a lifelong stigma.”

By prioritizing domestic aid over foreign aid, Molstad said he plans to put the United States taxpayers first.

A staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, he believes in a post-COVID-19 economic resurgence, made achievable by Line Item Veto to reduce “pork barrel spending,” if the president is re-elected.

Molstad is in favor of congressional term limits, with three terms consecutive in the House of Representatives and two in the U.S. Senate.

“Some politicians re-elected repeatedly say we don’t need it and define term limits as “voting,’ ” Molstad said. “I call it 'the one with the biggest bucket of money wins.' ”

Molstad said he is self-funding his own campaign and calls for what he defines as “signature responsibility,” describing it as government and corporate entities taking full responsibility for the outcomes of their own decisions.

This initiative ensures that CEOs, corporate board members, generals or congressmen will be held personally accountable and financially liable for using their position for personal gain or favor, he said. Under his plan, he says they would not be exempt from jail and fines or recoupment to the United States taxpayer.

“I’m Jerry Molstad, I would like to ask for your vote for my run in the August primary for U.S. Congress 1st District of Kansas,” he said.