General election set for local seats

Vincent Marshall

With many primary races running unopposed, the general election is set for local offices such as Kansas Senate District 38, Kansas Representative District 119 and Ford County clerk.

For the Kansas Senate District 38 seat, incumbent Republican Bud Estes will face Democratic candidate Edgar Pando.

Incumbent Republican Bradley Ralph will face Democratic candidate Jan Scoggins for the Kansas Representative District 119 seat, and for the Ford County clerk, incumbent Republican Debbie Cox will take on Democratic candidate Angie Gonzalez.

In the Republican Primary race for the Kansas Representative District 115 seat, Boyd Orr defeated Courtney Schweizer 455-158. Orr's win will carry through the general election as no other candidate ran.

Leonard Mastroni ran entirely unopposed for the Kansas Representative District 117 seat and was re-elected.

For 16th Judicial District Judge Division 2, only two Democratic candidates ran for the seat, with Andrew Stein beating Lori Jensen 604-102.

The 16th Judicial District Judge Division 3 seat had one candidate only as Republican Laura Lewis was elected.

Only Republicans ran for the Ford County treasurer seat as Sara Woods defeated Kourtney Soltero 1,718-1,049.

Running entirely unopposed were seats for the Ford County sheriff, Ford County attorney, Ford County Commission in Districts 2 and 3 and Ford County register of deeds.

Ford County Sheriff Bill Carr, Ford County Attorney Kevin Salzman, Ford County Commissioner District 2 Chris Boys, Ford County Commissioner District 3 Ken Snook and Ford County Register of Deeds Brenda Pogue all were elected.

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