Ford County Commission approves year-end house cleaning

Judd Weil
Special to Dodge City Daily Globe

The Ford County Commission meeting wrapping up the year 2020 was held on Dec. 31.

Commissioners approved 3-0, an extension to the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and emergency Family Medical Leave Act for Ford County employees, expanding leave benefits for COVID-19 reasons to March 31.

The sheriff’s office’s request to pursue an equipment update for their tasers was approved 3-0, purchasable with a technology grant of $28,000. This will allow the sheriff’s office to phase out its current models before they become obsolete.

Individual resolutions approving a various transfer of funds within several Ford County entities were all passed 3-0 including funds from:

• The 2020 Fire District Fund to the Fire Equipment Fund.

• The General Fund to the Capital Improvement Fund.

• The 2020 Solid Waste Fund to the Equipment Reserve Fund.

• The 2020 Road and Bridge Fund to the Special Machinery Reserve Fund.

• The 2020 Noxious Weed Fund to the Noxious Weed Capital Outlay Fund.

Commissioners unanimously approved the addition of increased security measures to the Ford County Jail and Ford County District Court.

“This has been a very unique 2020,” said 2nd District Commissioner Christopher Boys. “I think when it started, we didn’t expect what we have had in front of us, but we mostly have this year literally in the books.”