Letter to the Editor

Dodge City Daily Globe

Days before the vote in Congress certifying the presidential election, I received an email from Roger Marshall, saying that he was going to object to the certification of the results of the election.

He also asked for donations to his campaign and reiterated his support for President Trump.

I believe this email reveals his true motivations for raising an objection to certifying the election results - to garner donations for himself and to make a name for himself amongst supporters of President Trump.

I feel Marshall is an embarrassment to Kansas, and he and others like him, who used their positions of authority and respect to promote baseless election fraud theories are in part responsible for the recent acts of violence at the US Capitol.

I have been a supporter of Marshall and I have helped to campaign for him and have voted for him in the past.

However, it is my sincere hope that the voters of Kansas will remember his actions and this vote in the next election, and hold him accountable for his role in these disgraceful events of Jan. 6.

I believe we have a great country and a strong democracy, I believe we will continue to have free and fair elections.

I have faith we the voters will continue to receive the representation and government we deserve, for better or worse, when we citizens continue to participate in the democratic process and exercise our right to vote.

Dave Linsenmeyer, Dodge City