Get Rid of Petroleum, Really?

Dodge City Daily Globe

President Biden is pushing to remove us from a hydrocarbon way of life in order to save the planet.

With the discovery of oil in Pennsylvania in 1859 by Edwin Drake, our lives have evolved into a world that cannot exist without petroleum.

A poll taken in 2007 showed that 70% of the subjects had no clue what products come from petroleum with more than 6,000 products made from petroleum.

You will find products made from petroleum in any room in your home.

How about appliances in the kitchen? The knobs, controls and handles are most likely a petrochemical product. Other items might be trash can, trash bags, freezer bags and food containers.

What about the electrical and plumbing? The subflooring may be plywood held together with petroleum-based adhesive.

The clothes you are wearing may be polyester, the shoes may be made of petroleum (definitely the soles). The frames of your eyeglasses are possibly plastic.

More items include carpeting, ink, curtains, roofing material, floor wax, dyes, TV cabinets, toilet seats, CDs, DVDs, paint, toothpaste, lipstick, cosmetics and candles.

How about your automobile? Especially the Tesla. The tires are made from Butadiene (petroleum product). The paint is a polymer-based paint. Inside you'll find more petrochemical based material such as upholstery seats, dashboard covering, carpeting, sun visors, electrical wiring and charging cables used with the vehicle are covered with insulation made from petroleum.

The taillights, head lights and battery encasement are in the same category.

Take a drive in that Tesla and we are driving on an asphalt highway. Hmn, oil again.

Mr. Biden and his socialist pals need to step back and do some common sense thinking.

Charles Wilkerson

Dodge City, Kansas