Sugarcane Aphids in Ford County

Andrea Burns
Ford County Extension Agent

This past week, sugarcane aphids (SCA) have been confirmed in Ford County. What does this mean? It means farmers in the area need to be monitoring their fields closely. Up to this point, the populations are low in these fields thus far, but sorghum fields should be monitored on a regular basis. There are many beneficials such as ladybugs and soldier beetles present too. These insects can help with SCA control.

These light-colored aphids can easily be confused with other aphids and light colored greenbugs, and the nymphs can be difficult to differentiate without using magnification.

Timing effective treatment to control sugarcane aphids (SCA) in sorghum depends upon the size of the SCA populations and the growth stage of the plants.

For more information on sugarcane aphids, contact the Ford County Extension Office or go online at http:.//myfields.info/pests/sugarcane-aphid.

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