Letter to the editor: Everything is media’s fault

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

So the editorial board is calling the WSU president courageous for prohibiting Ivanka Trump from delivering a virtual commencement speech. What a perverted view of everything this country and the press stands for.

It is disgusting that a bunch of so-called journalists applaud the censorship directive of another “woke” college official that prohibits freedom of speech because he can’t stand up to a bunch of spoiled brat college kids. This is particularly troubling when newspaper staff start supporting censorship since they supposedly stand for freedom of the press.

You also continually refer to our president as racist In your editorials based on almost universal hatred of him from 99% of newspapers and media. The press and media have twisted his words and continue to print falsehoods in true propaganda fashion. As we see our country torn apart with looting and riots, and history being erased with statues and monuments being destroyed, I blame the press for much of this.

Instead of supporting the ideals of our founding fathers you have knelt to the mob. You and the WSU president are not principled, but rather cowards.

Bill Barnes, Topeka