Five Post Little DCRP Wins on Sunday

Lonnie Wheatley
Special to the Globe
Tanner Jonson doubled up with a pair of wins  at the Little DRCP in Dodge City Sunday. PHOTO BY LONNIE WHEATLEY/SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE

A handful of racers made their way to Little DCRP victory lane as the 1/7-mile clay oval hosted its third round of Micro Sprint and Kart competition on Sunday.

Deekan McRoberts and Tanner Jonson both doubled up with a pair of wins each while Briggs Williams, Ron Watson and Daniel Williams posted wins as well.

McRoberts stayed perfect on the season by topping both the Junior Sprint Novice and Junior Kart features while Jonson picked up Micro Sprint wins in both Winged “A” Class and Non-Wing “A” Class action.

Briggs Williams scored his second Advanced Junior Sprint win of the season while his father Daniel Williams stayed perfect in Adult Kart competition by nipping Jaden Smith at the line in the Adult Kart feature while Ron Watson battled past Jaden Smith in the closing round for Outlaw Kart honors.

The Little DCRP clay oval is back in action with more Micro Sprints and Karts next Sunday, August 16.

The Finishes:

Winged “A” Class: 1. 86-Tanner Johnson, 2. 49-Zac Moore, 3. 72-Kye Ricke.

Non-Wing “A” Class: 1. 86-Tanner Johnson, 2. 49-Zac Moore, 3. 72-Shea Ricke.

Junior Sprints (Advanced): 1. 49-Briggs Williams, 2. 3k-Keenan Hernandez, 3. 49h-Isabella Holt, 4. 1s-Cam Smith, 5. 71-Brotie Williams.

Junior Sprints (Novice): 1. 75-Deekan McRoberts, 2. 57b-Bryan Isenbart.

Open Outlaw Karts: 1. 04-Ron Watson, 2. 2T-Trevor Smith, 3. 75-Randle McRoberts, 4. 01-Jesse Smith.

Adult Karts: 1. 212-Daniel Williams, 2. 21-Jaden Smith, 3. 22x-Jordan Smith, 4. 44-Leland Smith, 5. 22-Cind Holt, 6. 9x-Dakota Schellhamer, 7. 29-Noah Illk, 8. 316-Brent Austin, 9. 10-Caitlin Holt, 10.  12-Caleb Crockett.

Junior Karts: 1. 75-Deekan McRoberts, 2. 8T-Travis Pack, 3. 1x-Reis Ochs, 4. 57-Aiden Cox, 5. 22-Ayden Corell, 6. 54c-Caleb Gresty, 7. 45-Ryker Williams, 8. 81jr-Max Cunningham, 9. 01jr-Rase Smith, 10. 51-Caleb Peterson.