DCHS girls cross country results of first two meets

Special to the Globe
Norma Rodriguez and Serenity Larson competed at the Swather Invitational in Hesston on Sept. 10 for the Dodge City High School Lady Demons cross country. SUBMITTED PHOTO

The Dodge City High School Lady Demons cross country team opened its season at the Andover Invitational on Sept. 2.

The team finished 2nd in the five team meet trailing Maize South, last year’s class 5A 3rd place finisher.

Maize South’s Alexa Rios won the 5km race in 19:53.

The Demons were led by Serenity Larson’s 4th place finish, followed by Norma Rodriguez in 8th, Andrea Yates 13th, Anna Ridgway 25th and Daisy Orozco in 28th rounded out the scorers for Dodge City.

“We have had two good meets so far," said DCHS girls cross country coach Brian Lenz. "When our pack of runners gets up where I expect they will, we should be a very solid team.”

Team Results:

Maize South 20

Dodge City 66

Goddard Eisenhower 69

Maize 108

Hutchinson 117

Dodge City individuals

Serenity Larson 4th 21:01

Norma Rodriguez 8th 21:38

Andrea Yates 13th 22:34

Anna Ridgway 25th 23:38

Daisy Orozco 28th 23:55

Mariela Lopez 31st 24:19

Karina Herrera 35th 25:04

Fantasy Delira 36th 25:10

Karina Estrada 43rd 26:23

Vanessa Rivero 44th 26:24

Jessica Felts 45th 26:35

Alondra Gonzalez 50th 27:26

Isabel Sandoval 54th 28:12

Camila Castanon 55th 28:21

Sammi Vazquez 57th 28:35

Emma Rohr 58th 28:35

Sarah Arraiga 59th 29:20

Bianey Avila 60th 29:41

Eva Friess 61st 29:42

Yareli Lopez 62nd 29:47

Mariah Biltz 63rd 29:50

Grace Pelton 67th 31:44

Mia Rayo 68th 31:45

Antonia Pablo 69th 31:48

Natalie Jimenez 70th 32:44

Gisel Dominguez 71st 33:33

For the DHS Lady Demons cross country team’s second meet of the season, at the Swather Invitational in Hesston on Sept. 10, the race was run on the cart path of the golf course and was 80 meters short of the normal 5 kilometers due to wet conditions.

The meet is competed in races by grade with each team’s best five finishes comprising the scoring.

The meet was won by Great Bend with the Lady Demons finishing second. The five scorers for Dodge City were Serenity Larson 1st in the junior race, also the best time overall on the day.

Anna Ridgway 2nd senior, Norma Rodriguez 3rd junior, Andrea Yates 3rd sophomore and Daisy Orozco 7th junior.

Team results:

Great Bend 13

Dodge City 16

Hays 25

Salina South 27

Garden City 37

Buhler 57

Liberal 69

Newton 77

Salina Central 77

McPherson 81

Nickerson incomplete team

Dodge City results:

Senior race: Junior race:

Anna Ridgway 2nd 21:19 Serenity Larson 1st 18:57

Mariela Lopez 7th 22:13 Norma Rodrigeuz 3rd 20:08

Karina Herrera 11th 22:52 Daisy Orozco 7th 21:14

Isabel Sandoval 12th 22:59 Yessica Dozal 14th 23:00

Vanessa Rivero 14th 23:27 Karina Estrada 15th 23:02

Bianey Avila 15th 23:36 Jessica Felts 17th 23:19

Sammi Vazquez 17th 23:55 Camila Castanon 22nd 24:05

Emma Rohr 21st 24:40 Mia Rayo 30th 26:25

Sophomore race: Freshman race:

Andrea Yates 3rd 21:14 Antonia Pablo 23rd 26:23

Fantasy Delira 10th 22:55 Mariah Biltz 25th 26:48

Alondra Gonzalez 13th 22:59 Natalie Jimenez 30th 29:54

Ashley Arroyo 21st 24:29 Deysi Ponce 31st 29:55

Yareli Lopez 23rd 24:35 Emily Jimenez 32nd 30:10

Eva Friess 24th 24:40 Gisel Domingeuz 33rd 30:25

Daisy Hernandez 27th 25:39 Anahi Velasquez 34th 31:37

Sarah Arraiga 29th 25:56

Grace Pelton 32nd 27:19

Iran Rodriguez 35th 30:59