Cheer Duo Submits Qualification Video for NCA College Nationals

Joe Penno
DCCC Sports Information Director
Two members of the DCCC spirit squad submitted a video to compete in a National Cheerleaders Association event.

Keegan Jones ('21) and Cassy Brooks ('21) came to Dodge City from two drastically different parts of the world but joined forces as Conquistadors to submit a qualification video for the Partner Stunt Competition of the National Cheerleaders Association.

The competition is for partner stunt couples (i.e. 1 male and 1 female) and all-group girl stunts. The duo was one of 31 video submissions across all levels of 4-year and 2-year institutions.

They were only one of two couples to submit a video from a 2-year institution with a couple from Navarro College's cheer squad, of Netflix fame, being the other.

The partner stunt competition is 45 seconds of non-stop stunting by one stunt couple on the floor at a time.

"Stunting" in cheer is a part of a routine that is a form of acrobatics where a base throws a flyer in the air and catches her.

Jones joined the DCCC cheer team from Bruthen, Australia, and boasts a lot of experience in the competitive and collegiate cheer industry.

Brooks, a December 2020 high school graduate from Fairbanks, Alaska, comes to DCCC as the youngest and newest member of the squad.

The range of their background makes the video submission all the more impressive.

The pair arrived on-campus Jan. 5, with bid videos originally due on Jan. 21. With the deadline being pushed back to Jan. 29, the pair was given an extra week to improve their routine and continue filming.

The stunt couple did all of their work on their own outside of practice to make sure they had the ability to get a video submission.

For someone with the cheer prowess of head coach Michael Brewster, the difficulty of this submission is not lost on him.

"In 2006, I competed at the NCA College Nationals in the partner stunt division, placing 6th. In the 10 seasons that I have coached college cheer, I have never had a stunt couple submit a qualification video for NCA Nationals," said Brewster. "I am extremely proud of Keegan and Cassy for the hard work and dedication they put into this goal of submitting a video. I know firsthand how time-consuming it can be to commit to extra practices on top of classes, team practices, study hall, and normal college life."

Despite their video not being selected to move forward, the submission is a sign of success to come for the new cheer program under Brewster.

As for the duo, they aren't done yet as Jones and Brooks will be representing DCCC Cheer in the coed partner stunt division on March 7 at Hutchinson Community College for the Region VI Championships.