DCHS Cross Country: Demons place 3rd in Wolf Creek Classic

Special to the Globe
Dodge City High School cross country team compete in first 5K of the season.

Results from the Wolf Creek Classic Dodge City High School varsity 5K run:


Martin Marquez, 7th place, 18:29

David Ultreras, 10th place, 18:50

Matthew Banuelos, 12th place, 18:56

George Aguilar, 15th place, 19:24

Brandon Juarez, 22nd place, 19:38

Isaiah Jiminez, 36th place, 21:27

Manuel Martinez, 42nd place, 22:20


Guymon, 1st place, 39 points

Hooker, 2nd place, 63 points

Dodge City, 3rd place, 66 points

Perryton, 4th place, 74 points

Booker, 5th place, 149 points

Canadian, 6th place, 168 points

Borger, 7th place, 177 points

Pampa, 8th place, 201 points

Sunray, 9th place, 215 points

Junior Varsity results:


Francisco Lopez, 6th place, 20:37

Rony Castro, 11th place, 20:49

Alexa Vega, 14th place, 21:11

Eddie Salinas, 15th place, 21:12

Alexander Vazquez, 17th place, 21:41

Ignacio Pazos, 19th place, 21:51

Ismael Torres, 22nd place, 22:01

Odet Chavira, 32nd place, 22:52

Angel Vasquez, 33rd place, 22:54

Alejandro Guerra, 34th place, 22:54

Oliver Triana, 37th place, 23:15

Roberta Ibarra, 38th place, 24:06

Diego Cervantes, 44th place, 26:01

Nerick Sanchez, 49th place, 24:50

Xavier Hiemstra, 57h place, 27:29

Angel Lopez, 58th place, 27:39

Diego Soto, 61st, 31:01


Guymon, 1st place, 31 points

Hooker, 2nd place, 39 points

Dodge City, 3rd place, 52 points